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More About @turntonav

You’ve seen the spot-on impressions: Turntonav, the comedic genius lighting up TikTok and Instagram. Known to his followers as the world’s funniest and best impressionist, @turntonav has become a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences with his unique blend of wit and talent.

Hailing from the lively city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Turntonav has swiftly risen to fame with his incredible impersonation skills. His impressions of pop culture icons like Drake and Conor McGregor are so spot-on, they’ve become his signature act, drawing in fans from around the globe. Whether he’s nailing Drake’s laid-back swagger or Conor McGregor’s charismatic bravado, Turntonav’s talent for bringing these characters to life is nothing short of spectacular.

@turntonav Stats

With over 494k followers on TikTok, Turntonav’s reach is nothing short of impressive. His engagement rate of 13%+ is a testament to how much his audience loves his content. On average, each of his videos garners around 63k likes and 1.4k+ comments, showcasing the high level of interaction and enthusiasm from his fans. This kind of engagement is a rare gem in the crowded social media landscape and speaks volumes about his ability to connect with his audience.

Turntonav’s Instagram presence is equally strong, boasting over 74k followers who eagerly await his latest posts. His ability to keep his content fresh, funny, and relatable ensures his audience remains engaged and entertained. It’s this unique blend of humor and relatability that makes Turntonav not just a social media star, but a true influencer.

Collabs with Nav

When it comes to brand collaborations, Turntonav is the go-to guy for companies looking to make a splash. He’s worked with a slew of high-profile brands including Sony, Cernucci, Elitist, Rivarly, and Think Jam. These partnerships are a testament to his versatility and his ability to seamlessly weave branded content into his comedic narratives. His collaborations are always a hit, thanks to his knack for keeping things entertaining while effectively promoting the brand’s message.

Work With Nav

Thinking of elevating your brand’s social media game? Hire Turntonav, and watch as your campaigns come to life with creativity and flair. His ability to engage his audience while delivering brand messages in an entertaining way makes him a valuable partner for any marketing strategy. Whether it’s through hilarious skits, clever parodies, or his famous impressions, Turntonav consistently delivers content that not only entertains but also drives results.

Turntonav’s journey to social media stardom is as inspiring as it is entertaining. Growing up in Toronto, he developed a love for impressions early on, honing his skills by observing the people around him. This passion for impersonations eventually found a perfect outlet in social media, where he quickly gained recognition for his incredible talent and unique style.


Despite his growing fame, Turntonav remains down-to-earth and relatable, often sharing snippets of his life in Toronto and interacting with his fans on a personal level. This authenticity is a big part of why his followers are so loyal and why his content continues to resonate with such a wide audience.

Brands that collaborate with Turntonav can expect not just increased visibility, but a meaningful connection with his enthusiastic audience.

Drake & Conor

Turntonav’s impressions of Drake and Conor McGregor are legendary. His portrayal of Drake, complete with the rapper’s smooth voice and mannerisms, is so accurate it’s almost like watching the real thing. Similarly, his Conor McGregor impression, with its perfect mix of confidence and humor, is a crowd-pleaser every time. These impressions have made Turntonav a recognizable face wherever he goes, and his ability to capture the essence of these personalities is a testament to his extraordinary talent.

Work With @turntonav

Turntonav is a social media beast whose blend of humor, talent, and authenticity has earned him a well-deserved spot at the top.

With a growing following, impressive engagement rates, and successful brand partnerships, his influence continues to expand.

Hire Turntonav and experience the magic of one of the most talented and entertaining content creators in the digital space.

To discuss a potential partnership, please get in touch with us.