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Inside:Viral Social Management

Reach Millions of Targeted Users.

What's Included

  • Visuals and captions designed to amplify your brand.
  • Aesthetically cohesive posts for your feed.
  • Gain thousands of impressions and profile visits with our network.
  • Our team of influencers will engage with your content.
  • Better engagement results versus Instagram post boosts.
  • Community management and targeted cold outreach.
  • We comment and DM users with persuasive messages.
  • Increase targeted followers, engagement and sales.
  • Community management and welcome messages to new followers.
  • Send out your offer to hundreds of thousands of targeted users.
  • Push notifications sent to users increase conversion rates.
  • Increase sales, engagement and followers with high volume mentions.
  • Reduce cost per acquisition and cost per click for your marketing.
  • Increase engagement, likes, followers, referrals and sales all at once.
  • Take your brand to the next level with our AI-Optimized creatives.

How it Works

Reach out to millions of targeted users.
Get Noticed

Gain tons of engagement.

Explosive Growth

Huge amounts of daily outreach.

Smart Targeting

We contact the right people.


Maximize sales and followers.

Choose Your Plan

10 Custom Posts
Slight Engagement Boost
Daily Targeted Outreach
15 Custom Posts
Medium Engagement Boost
Daily Targeted Outreach
250,000 Mass DMs & Mentions
AI-Optimized Viral Ads
30 Custom Posts
Major Engagement Boost
Stories & Reels
Daily Targeted Outreach
500,000 Mass DMs & Mentions
AI-Optimized Viral Ads
Elite Addons
Celebrity Shoutouts & Giveaways
Mass Authentic Follower Increase Up To 1.2M+
Exponential Outreach With Multiple Pages

Frequently Asked Questions

You only have to pay once. Working on a month to month basis ensures we only retain you as a client if we provide you with great work.

  • No, everything is included in your plan, except ad spend.
  • You do not require ad spend if you decide to grow and sell organically only.
  • We offer reduced rates if you’re signing up for multiple months and/or if you’re onboarding multiple brands.
  • Contact us to discuss your long-term goals.
  • Require several marketing services? Save thousands and go full-service with ElevenX.
  • Here are some screenshots of daily growth for various clients:

  • We will get our network of users and influencers to send likes and comments to your posts.
  • Increase engagement and reach without having to pay for post boosting.

We will comment, liked and direct message target users on Instagram, to increase your exposure, profile visits and sales.

  • Mass DMs: We will send your profile, posts and sales message/call to action to thousands of targeted users.
  • Mass Mentions: We will tag thousands of targeted users in your post comments.
  • DMs and Mentions will send a push notification to the targeted user’s phone, increasing open and conversion rates.
  • Users can be targeted by hashtag, location or another user’s followers.
  • We will also help you craft your strategy and sales copy, before sending.
  • We use AI to maximize your social media ad creatives and copy.
  • AI-Optimization also allows you to save money per click, reducing cost per acquisition.

Please contact us with your questions, we will help you get started.

Working With Companies Big & Small