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Inside:Viral Ads

Grow Every Aspect of Your Business

What's Included

  • Copy, targeting and headlines designed to get you the best results
  • Automatic adjustments that reduce cost per click and cost per acquisition.
  • Engaging and shareworthy ad creatives optimized with AI.
  • We automatically display better performing ad creatives for maximum ROAS.
  • Settings are adjusted by AI for optimal results.

We create viral landing pages for your ad campaigns:

  • Grow your sales and email list for future marketing, increasing LTV.
  • Increase social media engagement and followers on all platforms.
  • Gain positive reviews, UGC, affiliates, and viral shares.

All of the above, with a single ad click, powered by our viral landing pages.

  • We share your viral ads on all social media platforms.
  • Our AI tools will maximize results, focusing on top performing socials.
  • We send users to your viral landing page for huge multichannel growth.
  • Reach millions of users at unbeatable CPM and CPC.
  • We combine this with your viral multichannel landing page for massive ROI.

How it Works

Generate sales, email subscribers, positive reviews and social engagement, all with a single ad click.
Click Fraud

We protect your ad spend and clicks.

Hypnotic Creatives

Ads and landing pages that convert.

Reduced CAC

Designed for viral sharing & high ROI.

Referrals & Reviews

All with a single ad click.

Choose Your Plan

AI-Optimized Google Ads
AI-Optimized Ad Creatives
AI-Optimized Google Ads
AI-Optimized Ad Creatives
Viral IG & FB Ads
Viral Landing Page Creation
Multichannel Growth
AI-Optimized Google Ads
AI-Optimized Ad Creatives
Click Fraud Protection
All Social Ad Platforms
Viral Display & YouTube Ads
Viral Landing Page Creation
Multichannel Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

You only have to pay once. Working on a month to month basis ensures we only retain you as a client if we provide you with great work.

  • No, everything is included except for ad spend.
  • We do not charge a percentage of your ad spend as an extra fee.
  • We utilize leading artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to reduce your cost per click and acquisition, improving your ROI.
  • Our AI tools create viral and shareworthy creatives that generate multiple customers from a single click.
  • Our landing pages are designed to get you multiple shares, followers, likes, comments, reviews, referrals and emails, all in a single ad click.
  • This increases your ROAS, sales and email subscribers by over 400%.
  • Grow all your socials, email list, positive reviews, brand ambassadors/affiliates and sales all at once.
  • Yes, you can, however our landing pages and strategies get you the lowest cost per click (CPC) and multichannel growth, generating huge return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Large corporations and platforms make it easy to run your ads, but drain your ad spend with minimal results.
  • Your competitors may be clicking your ads and wasting your daily ad spend which we prevent with our AI-click fraud protection.
  • We AI-Optimize your ads and creatives ensuring favorability with the ad algorithms, reducing cost per click.
  • It’s hard to make exact ROI/ROAS/CPA guarantees as every industry, product and target audience is different.
  • However, our creatives, ads and landing pages are designed to get the most sales, leads, subscribers, positive reviews, shares and affiliates, all with a single ad click.
  • All our plans are one-time payments, therefore you can try us out for 30 days.
  • We only retain you as a client if you’re happy with our consistent results.

Please contact us with your questions, we will help you get started.

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