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Kylie + Khloe Campaign

Limited Spots Available: 2024's Biggest Celeb Giveaway Campaign

Kylie + Khloe
Viral Giveaway

growth campaign
1 k+
600M+ Reach

Reach over 600M+ users with 2024’s biggest celeb campaign. Estimated growth; up to 250k+ real followers, backed by our guarantee.

1B+ Impressions

Gain a million plus profile visits by reaching 600M+ users. Each user will tag 3 other friends and will follow your page. Estimated impressions are 1B+.

$100k+ in Prizes

Don’t worry about having to pay for a prize. We are giving away a Tesla, LV Bags, an Iced Rolex, 4 new iPhones, 2 MacBooks and cosmetics.

900k+ Push Notifs

Two bonus add-ons as a sponsor: 300k direct messages, 300k comment mentions, and multiple broadcasts with your CTA/Ad. Close up to 18,000+ potential customers.

Targeted Users DMed
0 k+
Total Reach
0 M+
Celeb Giveaways
0 +
Brand Deals
1 +

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How It Works

  • We can offer 5% off if you purchase your slot with a bank transfer, which offsets our Stripe fees. Contact us for our bank info.
  • We are able to provide a reduced rate if you’re bringing on multiple Instagram profiles to grow.
  • Slot prices are shown below and are for a single business or Instagram page.
  • You can grow your own personal Instagram as long as it’s public, it does not have to be a business page.
  • The giveaway will go live in roughly 20-60 days, depending on when the slots fill.
  • Celebs and Mega-influencers will post the campaign and will tell their followers to follow your page.
  • Your password or other login details are not necessary, as everything is done externally for you.

Example of our most recent successful campaign, 60,000+ growth delivered with Cardi B:

  • Within hours and up to a week of the giveaway being live, you will get the followers promised in your package.
  • If you are not in our top package, once you receive the growth promised, you will be removed from the campaign.
  • If you do not reach your growth target, you will be added to our next celebrity campaign or will get a pro-rated refund on the missing growth.
  • We have never failed to hit the growth promised.
  • Once the campaign is over, depending on your package, you will get targeted DM and Mention blasts.
  • This allows you to send your sales message, offer, posts, profile, and other marketing material to targeted users.
  • You can target the new followers you gained, or target new users with any desired demographics and interests.
  • 300,000 Push Notifications will be sent to targeted users with the Essential plan, or 900,000+ with the Elevate plan.
  • Everything is sent externally to ensure the safety and engagement of your account.

DM Blast Example:

  • Majority of our clients become repeat celeb giveaway sponsors.
  • As a regular, you will get presale rates for future campaigns.
  • With the increased sales and followers, the more your content/brand is worth.
  • You can also sign up for ElevenX, which will grow the rest of your socials, SEO and sales.
Leverage Celebrity Giveaways For Huge Growth.
Massive Reach

Campaigns span 2B+ impressions.

Exclusive Giveaways

Join the world's most viral campaigns.

Guaranteed Results

Money-back terms for your growth.

The Best Rates

Inexpensive versus hiring celebs solo.

50,000 Gained Followers
100,000 Gained Followers
100,000 Custom DM Blast
100,000 Targeted Mention Tags
300,000+ Push Notifications
250,000 Gained Followers
300,000 Custom DM Blast
300,000 Targeted Mention Tags
900,000+ Push Notifications
Additional Local Viral Giveaway
Add Your Own Products

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We can offer 5% off if you purchase your slot with a bank transfer, which offsets our Stripe fees. Contact us for our bank info.
  • We can provide you a discount when locking in multiple profiles/businesses.
  • Many clients lock in their personal and brand pages together for more growth and reduced pricing.
  • Contact us with your desired package and quantity of pages for a custom quote.
  • Contact us with the package you’re interested in, and how many spots you’re purchasing.
  • We will get back to you once we check your socials/business for eligibility and will send you payment details.
  • Sign our NDA contract which will keep your method of growth confidential and also includes your growth guarantee.
  • No, everything is included when you lock in your spot(s).
  • You do not need to pay the influencers, for the prizes, or any extra tools.
  • If you decide to include your own products as a prize, there is an additional fee, and you will need to supply the prizes. Contact us for more details.
  • We are aiming to go live in 20-60 days, as a blowout Spring/Summer campaign.
  • If slots cap out, the campaign will start early. Therefore, it’s best to lock in ASAP, as all our campaigns sell out quickly.
  • If you’d like your product included, there is an added cost, which varies depending on the celebs/influencers.
  • You will also have to supply your products as prizes in the giveaway campaign.
  • Contact us for a custom quote.
  • If you order the Entry package for 50,000 growth, you will be removed (unfollowed) from our giveaway campaign post after you gain the guaranteed growth.
  • In our Essential package, you will be removed from the giveaway when you gain 100,000 followers.
  • If you choose our top package, there is no cap, you will be in the campaign until it is over.
  • If you do not receive the growth promised, you will be added to our next campaigns until we over-deliver on your promised growth.
  • You can also request a pro-rated refund on missing growth.

Please contact us with your questions, we will help you get started.

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