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Cardi B Campaign

Sold out.

The giveaway campaign ran successfully. Over-delivered on growth as guaranteed.

Click: Kylie + Khloe Campaign

Giveaway is going live February 22nd; hosted by Eleven Viral... and You!

Get your Instagram page over 60,000+ leads and followers in just a few days with our celebrity giveaways.

Cardi B
Viral Giveaway

growth campaign
1 k+
179M+ Reach

Reach over 179M+ followers in total with this viral campaign. Minimum 60-80k+ real followers gained, backed by our money-back guarantee.

500M+ Impressions

Gain a tons of profile visits by reaching 500M+ users. Each user will tag 3 other friends and will follow your page. Estimated impressions; 1B+.

$50k+ in Prizes

Don’t worry about having to pay for a prize or giving away your own products. We are giving away over $50K in prizes with our partner companies.

180k+ Push Notifications

Two bonus add-ons as a sponsor: 60k direct messages, 60k comment mentions, and multiple broadcasts with your CTA/Ad. Close up to 1,800+ potential customers.

previous campaigns

Sold out!

Brands Virally Grown
1 +

Partnered with the world’s biggest brands and influencers:
Sony, Ignite, ASOS, SHEIN, Nike, NASA, SeaWorld, RedBull, Kylie Cosmetics, and many more.